Advantages Of Installing A Smart Water Meter

The benefits of installing a residential smart water meter are numerous, and you can help make a difference in saving water for future generations.

When it comes to residential smart water meters, the technology has been developed over decades. From small communities with a single treatment facility where a pipe network is used all the way up to large metropolitan areas using treated effluent and on-site residential and commercial systems, the need for remote water meters has been recognised as a more efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional analog residential water meters.

Water usage varies drastically from household to household, so if one family of four is using 400 gallons of water per day while another family of four only used 200 gallons per day,the family using 400 gallons would be paying double the rate of the family who are only consuming 200 gallons. But with residential smart water meters, families are charged for what they actually use. Smart residential water meters track how much water is used in a home, then bills that household for that exact amount rather than trying to estimate the cost by looking at previous residential water meter readings.

Homeowners with residential smart water meters will be able to see how much water they are using each hour, each day, and each month; this brings awareness to the actual usage of residential water meters which will lead to an overall reduction in residential water usage. 

Through the installation of residential smart water meters, homeowners would not only be better aware of residential water usage, but it would also ease the stress on local municipalities to manage residential water usage.

The average residential water meter is read by a member of your community or township once every month or two – which means that up to 96% of residential water meters are estimated instead of measured. But residential smart water meters capture real-time data, which reduces residential water usage for the environment.

The residential smart meter will help to reduce residential water usage by at least 4%.